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Three Possible Careers To Choose In Healthcare

If you are looking for a new career that provides you with stability and advancement potential, then the healthcare industry may be calling your name. You might have put off this decision for a while now, thinking that it will take four years or more in college to achieve the credentials that you need to be successful. That is simply not true any longer. There are many great professions within the healthcare industry that only require a year or two of your time in college. There are some great medical assistant programs in Los Angeles, CA, for example, that will get you into the profession of your dreams within two years.

Become a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants work directly with physicians to provide quality healthcare services to their patients. During your time in a medical assistant program in Los Angeles, CA, you will learn how to record vital signs for your patients and get them ready to be seen by the doctor. These are valuable services that contribute to the entire experience.

Phlebotomists Are in Demand

One of the most critical parts of healthcare involves properly drawing blood from patients in order to test for a variety of things. This is the role of a phlebotomist. This profession is currently in high demand and comes with a great deal of job security.

A Career in Surgical Technology

If you think that you would enjoy being in an operation room type of setting, then becoming a surgical technologist may be in your future. You will be responsible for getting the operating theater ready. You will also get the equipment sterilized and prepped for surgery.

Either of these three professions should be considered stable and secure. You will just want to complete a proper course of study to get started. Once you do that, you will likely find many job opportunities available to you.

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