What Can You Do With A Masters In Historic Preservation?

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Education

Historic preservation is a field that is dedicated to preserving, inspecting and analyzing documents. If you earn a masters in historic preservation, then you will be opening the door to a great career. There are a variety of career options available.

Architectural Historian

An architectural historian is a professional who studies and writes about the history of architecture. They may work for a civic authority. They may also work at a college. Additionally, architectural historians can work for the federal government.

Some architectural historians work in the entertainment sector. Some studios may hire an architectural historian in order to make sure that the sets look accurate for the time period.

Art Museum Director

Art museum director is a professional who leads and manages a museum. They control all of the aspects of finances, budgeting, fundraising and exhibiting development. An art museum director is the CEO of the museum.

A good art museum director must have good business skills. A big part of the job is fundraising in order to keep the museum open. An art museum director should also be passionate about the work that they do. They have to educate people and interact with their patrons.

Furthermore, art museum directors need to have good communication skills. They have to work with donors, sponsors, government overseers and the general public.

Historic Preservationist

Historic preservationists are professionals who are responsible for making sure that historic sites, buildings and neighborhoods are preserved. They can also try to adapt old buildings for new uses. Historic preservationists may try to preserve schools, commercial buildings, religious structures, rural countrysides and neighborhoods.

If you have an interest in history and architecture, then this may be the right career for you.

If you want to earn a masters in historic preservation, then you can contact School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

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