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How To Obtain A Fake GED Certificate Quickly

Are you in need of a GED certificate in a rush and do not have the time to make the application through the testing center or the state where you completed the test? If you are like most people, the answer to this will be yes, as the process of requesting a copy of the original can take weeks.

This time can become extended even more if you graduated prior to 2014 or if you are not sure of the name of the GED testing center or location where you took the test. In these situations, the student needs to go through the information provided by the state where the GED test was completed.

One option to consider to get an immediate option to use is to order a fake GED certificate. Keep in mind, these certificates are not the exact copies of the originals, nor do they indicate they are originals or that they are sent directly from the entity that granted the GED. However, for an employer or for general use to show you have a GED, they can be a good option.

A Copy or an Original Requested?

A quality fake GED certificate can be used as a copy, but it also states on the bottom that it was “Issued to Student.” Not all employers accept these types of copies, and most school admission forms require an original mailed from the agency or testing center.

It is essential to avoid using a fake GED certificate fraudulently. This means they can be a substitute when you need immediate documentation, but they cannot be used to indicate you have a GED if you do not. This is the type of use of these certificates that can be prosecuted under the law.

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