Career Options After Completing Massage School Los Angeles Students May Consider

vcc-logoThe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for qualified massage therapists will increase as much as 23 percent through 2022. After graduating from Massage School Los Angeles massage therapists work in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, physical therapy offices, spas and private practice.


Massage therapists work with post-operative patients to assist in rehabilitation. Massage is often combined with physical therapy to help patients recovery from surgery or injuries. Patients may get daily or weekly massages while they are in the hospital. Patient turnover is often high and massage therapists who work in hospitals won’t often get to know their patients well.

Long-term care facilities

Massage may be used for rehabilitation or relaxation for patients in long-term care facilities. Seniors can benefit from the therapeutic properties of massage, especially in Alzheimer’s and dementia units. Massage therapists in a long-term care setting may get to know the residents as they provide daily or weekly massages. They may be part of the staff or an independent contractor.

Physical therapy offices

In addition to traditional exercises and other modalities, physical therapists often offer massage to their patients. Massage therapists work in the office with therapists to help patients recover after an accident, injury or surgery. Massage therapists in physical therapy offices are usually employees.


Most spas offer therapeutic massages to their clients. Unlike massages performed in hospitals and physical therapy settings, massages at spas are meant to relax clients. They are often given in candlelit rooms and may be done for couples or groups.

Private practice

Many massage therapists start their own practice after they finish their education. They may work out of an office or do massages in their clients’ homes. These professional massage therapists set their own hours and their own rates.

After completing Massage School Los Angeles massage therapists will provide many of the same services regardless of where they are employed. Following graduation from a Massage School in Los Angeles, you can be sure that your job will involve interacting with people on a very personal level. To be a great massage therapist, you must be comfortable touch other people’s bodies and have a good personality.

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