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Get a Super Career by Enrolling in West Virginia Business School Classes

Founded in 1974, 90 miles south of Pittsburgh in Fairmont, West Virginia, Pierpont Community and Technical College is settled on a stunning 120-acre campus, offering students all the tools they need to achieve their dreams. Are you tired of working a job you are unhappy with? Have you thought about going back to school to work in a business-related field? If this sounds like you, then business classes could be just the solution you have been looking for.

This West Virginia Business School offers a wide variety of courses, including more than 40 associate degree programs. They give students all they need to start in a new career doing what they love. Be it Computer Aided Design, Emergency Medical Services, Accounting, Business Management, or any other type of program. Pierpont Community and Technical College is the starting point for students to achieve higher learning. Pierpont also offers Occupational Development Training in partnership with regional employers and trade unions, where students can get hands on practical experience, work-based apprenticeships and on-the-job training.

With enrollment at around 3,000 students, Pierpont has a student/faculty ratio of around 17 students per teacher, ensuring that every student is given the attention and assistance they require to learn and grow the best they can. They are also recognized as one of the Top 5 Culinary Arts schools in the United States and ranked in the Top 30 in Veterinary courses in the United States.

They provide a number of benefits to help students flourish. These benefits include but are not limited to daycare for children of students, library facilities, employment services for students, and job placement services. Come and enjoy the beauty of West Virginia and let Pierpont Community and Technical College show you what they offer.

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