What is Involved in Interior Architecture, How To Get A Degree In Interior Architecture

by | May 21, 2018 | Degree

Are you interested in working in a field where you design interior spaces? Do you want to be in charge of putting the final touches on new apartment buildings or office complexes? If so, you should consider the field of interior architecture. Earning a degree in this field is exciting and will set you up for an amazing career.

What to Expect in School

If you go to school to enter into this field, you can expect to take a number of interesting classes. All schools are a bit different in terms of curriculum, but you should be taking classes like design, art, architecture, history, computer design, and drafting.

Skills Necessary

Because this is a unique field, students often need a unique skill set. For instance, students should be both self-motivated and creative. This is almost like mixing the fields of architecture with interior design, so you must have a mind for both. You will have to have knowledge about architectural structure and style, too, both historically and today. You should also be good at building models, both physically and on computers, and have a bit of mathematics and geometry knowledge. Attention to detail is important, as too are marketing skills. You also might have to learn some business skills, as you will have to prepare estimates for customers and write up contracts.

Career Path

Once you get your degree in this field, you have several paths that you might want to consider. You could, of course, further your education by entering into a master’s degree program. You also might want to jump into the workforce and join an architecture or interior design firm. You can also, of course, choose the freelance route.

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