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Start Your Master’s Degree Today

Posted by , on Feb, 2019 in Education | Comments Off on Start Your Master’s Degree Today

You may be surprised to discover that textile arts and sciences are growing in popularity and demand. The science of stretch, elasticity and structure of textiles is increasingly important in the construction of new synthetic materials and fabrics for a variety of industries. If you are ready to advance your career, a masters in textile degree may be an ideal solution. In our program, you will learn about the scientific basis of textiles. From how fabrics are knit to how they stretch and rebound in different dimensions, you will discover how different attributes of fibers, weaving, knit and plying come together and build off of one another. You will also learn about the arts of textile creation. From color, thickness and construction style, you can plunge into different techniques. Our program includes classroom learning, studio work, hands-on projects and...

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Are Your Loved Ones Protected?

Posted by , on Jan, 2019 in Education | Comments Off on Are Your Loved Ones Protected?

One way you can protect your loved ones, no matter what, is with life insurance coverage. If something were to happen to you, would your loved one be financially protected? Would they be able to continue to pay for the rent, mortgage, car, child care, insurance, basic necessities and food? What about your child’s future concerning college tuition, their wedding or medical bills? Would your family be able to bare the financial weight of being able to pay for your funeral, memorial and burial service? If you cannot answer yes to the majority of those questions, you need to find a life insurance agent in Oceanside who can assist you in obtaining the proper life insurance for your family. Avoid Creating Hardships for Your Family You can avoid creating hardships for your family. Now is the time to think...

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Best time to Appear for CBAP Certification Examination

Posted by , on Jan, 2019 in Education | Comments Off on Best time to Appear for CBAP Certification Examination

Some of you may be wondering if I have started believing in some occult practice. Can there really be a good day or time to take a certification test? Am I being superstitious? Is Sunday better than Monday? Or Monday better than Friday? Is afternoon half better than morning half? There is indeed a good day and a good time to take any certification test. This is not based on any intuition but based on keen observation of one’s metal situation and environmental situation. I have completed 12 professional certifications (CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, PMP, CPRE, SQA, SMC, SPOC, CSM, Green Belt, Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) and these simple tips have helped me. For me, the best day to take any certification examination is a day after a long weekend. The reason is you get refreshed during...

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What to Consider When Looking for a Master of Art Program, Enroll for Graduate Studies in Design

Posted by , on Dec, 2018 in Education | Comments Off on What to Consider When Looking for a Master of Art Program, Enroll for Graduate Studies in Design

If you are looking to further your studies in designed objects, there are different Master of Art programs you can consider. Pursuing graduate studies is a great way to deepen your knowledge of a specific area and open up new career opportunities for you. Before you choose what you are going to study, you should make sure you understand the requirements, the curriculum, and the prospects afterward. Learn more about some specific considerations to make during the prospecting and application stages. Admission Requirements Every graduate program has different acceptance criteria you must adhere to. You must check to see if you qualify for the program. Your undergraduate program may have prepared you better for certain graduate programs than others, so it’s a good idea to find out where you might be better suited. For your application, you have to...

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Finding the Best Possible Preschool Program for Your Child

Posted by , on Nov, 2018 in Preschool | Comments Off on Finding the Best Possible Preschool Program for Your Child

If you have a little one who is going off to preschool soon, you may find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the perfect facility for your child. There are many options in Marlboro, NJ, and deciding which is offering the best services can be tough. We want to take some of the confusion out of the process, so we will be providing some information about what to watch for and consider as you select the right preschool program for your young child. Encouragement and Nurturing When you visit preschools to get an idea of how they operate, watch for staff who are respectful and present with children. You can usually determine whether a staff member has positive or negative relationships with the children by simply watching how they interact with them. Things like listening, addressing the children...

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