Learn Lessons of Peace and Remembrance that Arose from the Holocaust Nightmare

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Education

Lessons of Peace and Remembrance that Arose from the Holocaust Nightmare

Zachor is the Hebrew word for remember. Ben Lesser wants us to remember so that the atrocities of that time will never happen again. He survived death marches, death trains and death camps. His life could have ended anywhere in the living hell of the Holocaust. “Living a Life that Matters: From Nazi Nightmare to American Dream” is Ben’s biography of the miracle of his survival through the unimaginable horror of his young years that started when he was 11.

The Dream that Came From Ashes of a Young Life

Not racial discrimination, hatred or the most heinous tormenting imagined could defeat the determination of a Jewish Polish teenager. Ben escaped to start a new life in Brooklyn, a strange city in the United States, an unfamiliar country, at only 18 years old.

This touching memoir of hope and inspiration relives the events of a resilient young man’s life through often painful though honest delivery. “Living A Life That Matters” is an account of a time that we cannot let go unremembered. Part of Ben Lesser’s dream is to aid the healing of humanity. His hope is that by keeping the memories of history alive, we can change the world to a place of peace, kindness, respect and dignity for everyone.

Learn the Vital Importance of Remembering

ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation is the learning center started in hopes of educating people on the history and consequences of the Holocaust. “Living A Life That Matters,” which you can order by going to www.zachorfoundation.org, is one of the primary tools used in this effort.

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