How a Masters Degree can help your Career

by | Nov 16, 2011 | Degree

If you’re on the lookout for a job, chances are there’s nothing to write home about. The employment scenario in the US is still bleak and does not seem to be improving in the short run. This is the best time for you to improve your credentials by seeking higher education. When the employment scenario improves, you can expect better opportunities to come your way.

Those with a college degree might want to consider going back to school to get a masters degree. A masters degree in your chosen field would give you that extra edge over your fellow candidates when you apply for a job later or if you opt for higher education. Most universities are cooperative with their students to find ways to finance their education through financial aid programs, scholarships and payment plan options wherever applicable.

Older adults are actively seeking higher education to further their chances in the job market. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, most fast growing jobs require post-secondary education. It has also said that most US adults will be unemployment or underemployed sometime during their lives. Changing careers is a part of the adult experience, and it is expected that a job seeker would change not only jobs but seek active career change at any time during their life. According to the Bureau statistics only 25% of Americans over 25 graduate from college, making college graduates a valuable resource to employers and the US economy as a whole.

When you graduate from a college or take a masters degree course you stand to earn substantially more than the average high school graduate. Median incomes of the average High school graduate are around $29,637. A candidate with a bachelors degree would on average earn a salary of $48,375. A masters degree holder would earn a median salary of $59,231. The stark disparity between the salary of a High school graduate and that of college degree holder indicates how a college degree can enhance your career prospects.

Most Universities offer relaxed schedules and convenient timings for those adult learners that have families and jobs. This allows you to accommodate your study schedule without having to neglect your role as a professional, a spouse or a parent. You can leverage your career by earning a Bachelors or Masters Degree. Sacramento residents can seek information about admission into great learning institutions in the area.

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