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Difference between traditional and online MBA degree programs

Difference between traditional and online MBA degree programs
Online MBA Degree

Online MBA Degree

Online MBA degree programs are gaining more popularity over the regular MBA courses. Though, essentially there is not much of a differences in the course materials, there are some other differences. These differences are:

a)     Online MBA degree programs, like the other online degree programs, offer you greater flexibility of time. Those who opt for traditional MBA courses, need to spend hours in their studies. For this they need to sacrifice their jobs and concentrate on taking classes and giving regular examinations. Whereas the online MBA degree programs expect you to study independently.

b)    If you are opting for a traditional MBA degree program then you need to be present in class and take notes of every lecture. Missing a class means losing out on the lectures and notes. Those lectures will not be repeated for you and you would have to take the notes from your peers. Here, the online MBA degree programs score over the traditional ones. In the online courses, the lectures and the readings as well as the assignments are always available in e-text formats. Some programs also offer the benefits of video lectures and videoconferencing. These do not need you to be physically present in a class. You can download the e-texts and go through them, time and again as required.

c)     Those who opt for a traditional MBA degree program, argue that only these programs are acceptable by the employers. But this is not true. An online MBA degree program, like an online bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, is equally acceptable by the employers. Online MBA graduates can also find good jobs and get promoted in their present organization.

d)    Online MBA programs give more opportunities for the students to interact directly with the faculty though they do not meet each other physically. This is done mostly through chats and discussions and since it is online, the faculty is available 24*7. Even if the faculty is not present online, you can post your query in the message box. This query can be answered by the faculty whenever he or she is online.

e)     Those who opt for the traditional form of MBA, often say that they get better opportunities for networking during their courses. However, those who opt for online MBA courses believe that there are more opportunities, for them to network. This is because they interact with students from all over the world.


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