The importance of teaching about the Holocaust in Middle School

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Education

Information about the Holocaust is typically taught during middle school. However, this historical event is sometimes glossed over and discussed in a cursory way. While speaking about the Holocaust can be uncomfortable, middle school students must learn about this terrible time in history.

Recognizing the importance of the Holocaust

An in-depth discussion of the Holocaust is necessary for students to recognize the severity of the event. Hearing the stories of survivors and reading personal accounts of the victims can help students realize that the Holocaust affected the lives of millions of people, including young students, who were much like themselves.

Remembering the Holocaust

Teachers must also emphasize the necessity of remembering the Holocaust and the millions of people who suffered and died as a result. Only through remembering can people work to ensure that a violent tragedy of this nature never happens again.

While parents and educators might want to take a gentler approach to discussing the Holocaust in the classroom, doing so is a disservice in many ways. Talking and teaching about this topic more openly and directly can play a role in the development of empathy and understanding. For ideas on how to effectively teach about this event. For more information about the stories of survivors visit Zachor Holocaust Curriculum.

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