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Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance with Social-Emotional Curriculum

Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance with Social-Emotional Curriculum

The importance of a proven social-emotional curriculum for children cannot be overstated. Despite this, however, many parents send their children to school with little knowledge about a school’s tools, techniques or philosophies. Here are three ways any parent can go the extra mile at home and find supplemental social-emotional curriculum for your little ones.

Know What You Need

Even if you aren’t familiar with the specifics of what your child needs to learn, you should think about the basic skills they’ll need to succeed. For example, how does your child cope with their feelings, especially when they feel overwhelmed or stressed? Is your child able to set goals and stay motivated to achieve them? Is your child able to work with teams and resolve conflict easily? Do they learn or think differently and need help understanding their experience or building their self-esteem? Social-emotional learning can address all these areas to help children thrive in their academic and social environments.

In School or Outsource Options

Many students get the support they need at school. If your child needs more guidance to develop their social, emotional or academic skills, consider an extracurricular educational program. From online lessons to personalized plans for success, these programs can boost your child’s progress toward individualized goals.

Consider the Practicalities

Last but certainly not least, review the little details when choosing a new learning program for your child. How long will it last? How many hours will your child need to devote to it? What is expected from parents — and what opportunities do parents have to be involved? If there is one-on-one coaching or counseling with an instructor, how is it scheduled?

These are just a few things to consider if you’re looking at the importance of a social- emotional curriculum for your child. To learn more, contact EmpowerU.

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