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Sad History: Questions to Ask Kids After Visiting the Holocaust Center

Sad History: Questions to Ask Kids After Visiting the Holocaust Center

You’re thinking of taking your kids to the Holocaust Center so that they can learn more about that horrible period in human history. After learning about the Holocaust victims, you should ask your kids some questions, the following are some things to keep in mind.

Questions to Ask Kids

Learning about the Holocaust victims will likely leave your kids with many questions. They’ll be heartbroken, but they’ll also have a natural spark of curiosity to know more. After answering what you can, be sure to ask the following:

Do You See Similar Mistreatment Happening Today?

You’re trying to help your children connect the dots from the past to the present day. Racism is alive and well, and there are always tragedies that are somehow linked to this particular problem. This question will help them see why being aware of the past can help people today.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Something Like This?

You’re asking this because kids should not get comfortable with evil. Fighting for what’s right is something they have to actively participate in one way or another, passivity is not an option. Voting is a good answer, but there are things kids can do now, like standing up for others who are being discriminated against.

How Does This Make You Feel?

This question allows your kids to express themselves. You want to acknowledge their feelings. After visiting the Holocaust Center, emotions can run high. It’s important to address those emotions and let them out. The last thing you want is for your kid to feel like you’re not supporting them through this traumatic experience.

The ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation has been helping people remember this horrible moment in history, hoping that it’ll help prevent it from rising again in the future, and if you’re ready for your kids to go face this truth, visit

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