The Importance of a Holocaust Curriculum with a Personal Account

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

The Holocaust was an important event in history that should always be taught and it’s lessons passed on. This point in history where prejudice and anti-Semitism informed policy and lead to genocidal practices sanctioned by government is important to understand so that it doesn’t happen again. It is the responsibility of citizens from one generation to the next to be watchful over the tides of opinions and policies to make sure they don’t build into massive waves of injustice as they did in Nazi controlled Germany from 1933 to 1945.

Unfortunately, many young adults didn’t have or don’t recall education around the Holocaust. There is recognition of Nazi ideology but callousness and even denial of the facts of the Holocaust. It is imperative to teach the next generation better.

One of the most effective resources to teach the history and complex issues of the Holocaust is the dwindling group of living witnesses and survivors of concentration camps that were liberated more than 75 years ago. Thankfully, many have left the legacy of their experiences in writings, audio, and videos that can be referenced in a Holocaust Curriculum for Teachers.

The indignity of anti-Semitism and the horrors of the Holocaust can be difficult topics for any age group and so much more essential to convey the importance of thoughtful empathy from the start. A Holocaust curriculum for teachers should contain material that is appropriate for different age groups. For a thorough and customizable resource for students and teachers of the Holocaust that is based on the eye witness accounts of a survivor go to

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