Reasons To Attend A Data Science Boot Camp In New York

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Education

When most people hear the term boot camp, they immediately think of some type of intensive physical training in keeping with what you may expect from the military or perhaps training in your favorite sport.

At RSquare Edge, we have designed a different type of intensive training, and we call it our data science boot camp. Located in New York, our training allows you to have all the creature comforts of home, but it does provide some very intensive training on all aspects of business analytics and big data management to jump start your career opportunities.

This a concentrated type of training, allowing our students to stay in New York for 12 weeks of specific theory and application as it applies to business analytics, big data, business management and also in statistics and computing. Instead of just reading or hearing about analytics and how they are used in today’s business market, you learn about the concepts and then practice them with industry-leading instructors and top faculty with experience in teaching at Yeshiva, NYU and Columbia.

Why Intensive is Better

Just as a physical fitness boot camp allows you to focus in on exercise, nutrition and getting in shape, our data science boot camp allows you to focus in on the real world as well as the theoretical aspects of big data you need to be effective in today’s business world.

With intensive training, rather than weekends or one week a month or other combinations of schedules, you are fully engaged in the training. You aren’t worrying about trying to manage your current job, which is not only a distraction but also causes high levels of dropout rates for adult learners in other types of course scheduling options.

Pre-Selected Cohorts

At RSquare Edge, we do take the time to pre-screen all of our students, which means we can develop a cohort group in New York that has the aptitude and basic understanding to allow maximum learning opportunities over the 12-week schedule.

Through this pre-screening, which includes an aptitude test online as well as an in-person or phone interview, we carefully select those students who have the ability to grasp the concepts and move forward, keeping everyone challenged throughout the training. Additionally, our experienced staff has the knowledge and ability to explain concepts and work with students to keep everyone moving at a brisk pace through our highly recognized curriculum.

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