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How To Make A Successful Sales Call

You have likely heard it before, sales is a numbers games. The more attempts you make, the more sales you will see. However, this does not mean you should ignore quality for quantity. When you deploy a few of the basic strategies here you can feel confident that every sales call you make counts.

Grab their Attention

When you make a sales call, you have approximately 15 seconds before your prospect realizes this. You need to make sure these first 15 seconds count.

Make it Exciting

You should put yourself into this mindset: you have an awesome product that is going to offer a huge improvement in your customer’s lives. When you make your sales call you are about to give the person on the other line a huge gift by letting them know about this product. It is essential that you show enthusiasm and energy in your voice.

Be “Like” Your Prospect

People on the phone will be the most comfortable when they are talking to someone like themselves. Try to write down a few words or phrases that your prospect is using and then work them into your sales pitch. Also, work at matching their tone, speed and volume, without making it seem like you are mimicking them.

Use the Person’s Favorite Word

You don’t know what your prospects favorite word is? Their name, of course! As soon as you find out what their name is, you should write it down and then use it during the call, at least three different times.

Don’t Accept “No”

are a number of prospects you will call that say “I’m busy,” or “I’m not interested” right away without ever hearing what it is you have to offer. Instead of just giving up and hanging up, you should try to ask and open-ended question in order to give the conversation a jump start.

No two sales representatives work the same way. However, implementing these techniques will help ensure that you are getting more successful calls than ever before. Sales Consulting may also be utilized to help and give your sales representatives a little refresher course on what to do and not to do while on a sales call. After all, times are changing, so knowing the latest methods used for making a sale can be beneficial for your representatives, as well as your business.

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