Have You Ever Thought About Teaching English in Turkey?

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Education

Turkey’s ongoing campaign to join the European Union is increasing the demand for native English speaking teachers in that country as more and more schools and even businesses are pushing children and employees to improve their English.

Estimates show that over 30 000 teachers are needed in public schools alone, so if you have ever wanted to get a job teaching English in Turkey, now is the time! Opportunities exist for teachers with all levels of experience and qualifications, although the minimum requirement is usually a TEFL certificate. Some schools will only accept candidates with a formal teaching diploma or degree from an English speaking university.

A Perfect Posting
Teachers in Turkey are fortunate in that they are able to work in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From gorgeous beaches, beautiful lakes and breathtaking mountains, Turkey has it all.

Turkey is also where Europe meets the Middle East, so there is a fascinating diversity of cultures and an old-meets-new feel that’s truly intriguing.

International schools in Turkey offer teaching jobs that typically range from Kindergarten to Secondary school. From time to time, senior administrative roles, such as principles and vice principles, also become available, as do teacher-support roles – guidance counselors, learning support etc.)

What Do I Need?
If you are thinking of teaching English in Turkey, there are a few things to remember. To legally work in Turkey, you will need a Turkish work visa. While most schools will usually pay for your residency visa, very few cover the costs of the work visa, which can be around $1000.

Although most nationalities can obtain a tourist visa on entry, this does not entitle you to work, and it is highly advisable to have a work visa before entering the country. To do this, you first need to have a job offer, and then contact the Turkish consulate in your home country.

There are many agencies specializing in helping those people who want to teach English in Turkey. They can offer assistance with every aspect of your application, from finding a suitable job to helping you with your visa and travel arrangements.

To find out more about how you can live and teach in Turkey, visit www.esljoblink.com for helpful information.

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