Criteria for becoming a successful online facilitator in an online degree program

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Degree

After you have applied for an online degree program, you would find that there are people who are virtually present in every degree program for helping you out. You can seek their help whenever you are having trouble in understanding any module of your study. These people are known as facilitators and they play vital roles in the success of the students, as well as the online degree programs. With the popularity of the online education programs, many lecturers of regular courses are opting to act as facilitators of online courses. But before becoming facilitators they should know the basic criteria required to become successful in this career.

Online Degree Program

Online Degree Program

The basic criteria for becoming successful as a facilitator are as follows:

a)     Have knowledge of real life applications along with academic credentials: The facilitators of online degree programs need to have a clear idea about the real world. This is because facilitators need to prepare the students with proper experiences. Real experiences also help the facilitators in understanding the issues regarding a particular subject. They also need to be updated about the latest developments in their subject so that they can provide cutting edge education.

b)    The facilitator should be open, flexible and sincere: It is the duty of an online instructor to create a comfortable environment for the students. Since the students are not physically present in the classroom, they need to feel that they can access the facilitator at any time they need. If the facilitator fails to provide such an environment, it will lead the class to getting alienated from the facilitator.

c)     Good communicators in writing:  The facilitators of online degree programs do not have face to face contact with the students. Thus all verbal communication are required to be done through writing. The communication skills should be excellent. They should be able to convince the students and answer their questions properly.

d)    Facilitators should have a clear idea about the value of facilitated learning: Most of the facilitators of online degree programs come from the background of regular schools. Sometimes it becomes tough for them to accept the online mode of learning and give it equal importance. Thus for becoming a good online facilitator, a person needs to believe in the idea of online learning.

e)     They should have proper educational qualifications: The online facilitators should have enough qualifications, in the subject they are teaching. Without having the proper training or experience, no individual can become a good facilitator.

f)     They should have training in online learning process: With the requisite educational qualifications, the facilitators need to know the tools that facilitate online programs. They need to know how to control the flow of work in virtual classrooms and learn about relevant methods and technologies.

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