Learning Chinese in Beijing Through an Immersion Program

by | Nov 30, 2013 | Education

Learning a new language can open up innumerable opportunities for personal transformation and intellectual stimulation, as well as international travel! If you would like to learn a foreign language, but you haven’t decided which one, you should definitely be considering Chinese, the world’s most widely used first language. Chinese is spoken by nearly one fifth of the world’s population, and other than China, Mandarin Chinese is spoken in many countries that Chinese culture has influenced, including Indonesia, Mongolia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines. There are many print and audio resources available today for those who would like to pursue language study on their own time. Taking courses or finding a private tutor are other good options for those who would like to get started on a new language. However, often the best way to learn a language quickly is to spend some quality time in a country where that language is spoken. If you’d like to learn Chinese, you might be best served by looking for programs abroad, and learning Chinese in Beijing, China’s capital, and economic and political center.

By learning Chinese in Beijing, the cultural heart of an ancient civilization and a thriving modern city, you’ll be able to live the language as well as study it. Unlike a tourist’s short stay, you’ll be able to take time to enjoy everything the city has to offer, whether you enjoy Peking Opera or Peking Roast Duck. Learning Chinese can also be a great way to improve your resume. Many international businesses are keen to hire individuals with Chinese language skills, and since Beijing is a major economic hub, it’s an ideal place for a business man or woman to get a leg up in a competitive industry. If you do the research, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a program that can help you get a solid grasp of the basics, or really pursue full mastery of the language, depending on how long you would like to stay, and what your goals are.

One of the greatest benefits of an immersion program is its heavy emphasis on a communicative approach to language mastery. That is, while you might also take more traditional coursework, you will also be learning through daily communication, in a variety of contexts. This kind of experience allows you to fully absorb the language through daily practice, within its cultural context, and can prove especially helpful for learning idiomatic expressions. If you’re considering learning Chinese in Beijing, you should try to find a program that includes both classroom-based learning, as well as extracurricular activities or day-trips that will offer plenty of opportunities for language practice.

Learning Chinese in Beijing will expand your horizons and expand your skill set! Have an unforgettable adventure of learning Chinese at East-West Connection.

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