Understanding Prophets: Are Prophets Still Out There, Today?

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Education

When most people think of prophets, they think of the biblical prophets like Samuel and Elisha. Most people assume that prophets were only around during the time of the Bible and have simply disappeared. This, however, is certainly not true. There are definitely prophets still around today, many of them are fairly well known, in fact, like Bishop E. Bernard Jordan. Here is some information about today’s prophets that you may be interested in knowing about.

How are Prophets Chosen?

The prophets of today are chosen in much the same way the prophets of the Bible were chosen. If you have ever read these stories, you will know that God calls out to these prophets through a vision, a dream or some have even heard God’s voice. However the prophets of yesterday or today were called, you can be sure that it was in a way that could not be denied.

Prophets are Often Tested

You will certainly also find, when it comes to  prophets, that they are often tested. It can take a lot of time, training and prayer to become a true prophet and through that time, God will test the prophet again and again. This is to make sure they are ready for the task that is before them. Being a prophet is not an easy life and only the strongest and most faithful will be chosen for this vocation by God.

God Always Calls Prophets

You cannot just decide one day that you want to be a prophet and become one. God will always call you to become one. This isn’t to say, if you believe that your destiny is to be a prophet that you shouldn’t ask God, it just means that you shouldn’t call yourself a prophet until you are shown to truly be one, again and again. If you believe that your path is leading to the path of a prophet, the best thing to do is pray about it. Ask God to open those doors for you. If he does, then you are correct in your thoughts and instincts. If not, God has another important job in mind for you and you should seek the guidance of a prophet.

This is just a bit of information about prophets of today. For more, consider reading about biblical prophets in the Bible or research prophets of today, online.

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