Can You Really Get Real Spiritual Readings for Free?

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Education

Have you ever seen and advertisement on the in internet for something free only to find out it isn’t really as “free” as you thought it would be? There is always a catch, always something to buy or always a task that you need to do. Many people who look for spiritual readings online will find the same thing. They will find that there is a site advertising spiritual readings for free, only to find they have to buy a subscription to a network, have to pay in order to open the message or be asked for some other form of payment. Because of this, you may think there is no possible way to truly get spiritual readings for free…but there is.

Modern Day Prophets Offer Free Spiritual Readings

Yes, you can get free spiritual readings…absolutely free, no gimmick, no catch. How? Reach out to a modern day prophet, of course. Just as there were prophets in biblical times, there are prophets today. These people are different from the psychic readers, tarot card readers or others that you may come across. Modern day prophets are actually people who have been chosen by God as messengers on earth and they will bring important messages to you from God. These are the people who generally will offer the free spiritual readings and the people who you should speak with if you want to get a spiritual reading.

How Can They Offer These Readings for Free?

It is true that prophets need to make a living, so you may be wondering how they can offer these readings for free. Generally these prophets will run their own churches or be part of a school of prophets. They may, at some point, ask for a donation or other monetary gift in return for prophecy. However, you should know that they will almost always offer free readings as a way to show you that they are the real deal and that they have your best interest in mind with these prophecies. This way, by getting a prophecy for free, you will know that this is a prophet that you can trust. Make sure, when you choose a prophet, that your instinct and focus feels right. That may just be God pointing you in the right direction.

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