What You Need To Have For Math Online Tutoring

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Education

Everyone agrees that online math tutoring can be beneficial for children who are starting to have trouble learning. However, most parents don’t know what they need to have in their home so that their child can learn. The first step is hiring a tutor, but after you’ve done that and decided that Internet-based learning is most appropriate, you have to have the right equipment.

Computer Needs

An online math tutoring will require that you have a working computer with a high-speed Internet connection. Wireless may be okay, especially if you use it frequently and have no trouble with video or sound. The computer will also require sound, a camera/webcam and a microphone. This way, the student can see and hear the tutor and vice versa.


While not a necessity in most cases, headphones can make it easier to reduce distraction and let your child hear the tutor. Many households are boisterous because the other kids are getting ready for bed or horsing around, televisions are blaring and the like. You want to ensure that your child is focused on their work.

Class Materials

Class materials can include exercises they had trouble with or any homework assignments they need to turn in. Assignments should be turned in before class unless there was a question.


Supplies required can include pens, erasers, paper, highlighters and other items. Students will likely want to take notes on the topics they don’t understand. Plus, online math tutoring will also require protractors, calculators, compasses and other items, depending on the class.


It’s important that when students have a question, they write it down or otherwise record it, so they remember to ask during their next session. Some tutors will allow your child to email or text questions to them, but however they do it, they should be jotting down their questions.

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