Benefits Of Attending Data Science Boot Camp In New York

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Education

There are a few different ways that a person can become a data scientist, or incorporate data science into their existing role. One popular method is to teach yourself using a number of online courses. Another method that is rising in popularity is to attend a data science boot camp. These are intense courses which take place with great frequency over a short period of time. Some places, such as RSquare Edge, run these courses in twelve-week groups, with limited enrollment reserved for those who are able to go through an application process. There are a number of career-related benefits of attending data science boot camp in New York; these are just a few.

External Pressure To Excel

Boot camps usually accept a limited number of students; a small enough number to allow for one-on-one time between student and instructor and to encourage peer support. Attending a boot camp puts a small amount of peer pressure on each student to complete their homework, and to complete it to the best of their ability. While there are a number of people who can learn quite well at their own pace, there are some who benefit from having deadlines and other fixed test dates imposed on them, in order to ensure the work is completed.

Current Information

Boot camps are often run by instructor who are also employed in the field, and who have seen a measure of success at their jobs. They will be able to give you current, up to date information about developments and advances in the field, whereas online courses often present information in a strictly theoretical way, using information that may not be up to date depending on the timing of the most recent advance. For those who need relevant information taught in a hands on, practical atmosphere, a boot camp is the best way to learn.

Support Is Available

Online courses don’t often carry with them the benefit of a peer support network, or personal assistance from the course instructor. With a data science boot camp, like those run by RSquare Edge, you can benefit from having other classmates who can discuss any challenging aspect of the course material with you, and from having an on-site instructor you can approach with any concerns. Boot camps often have other forms of career support running alongside the boot camp itself, including career support or development services. These individuals can help you put your recently acquired certification to use in the job market.

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