Top Ways to Support Anti-Bullying Efforts At Your Local US Schools

by | May 11, 2021 | Education

Most schools in the U.S. have an anti-bullying policy. However, having these policies alone will not help to prevent bullying from taking place. In order to protect kids and prevent bullying, follow these tips.

Look for Ways to Develop a Positive Culture

Schools that have positive cultures experience greater success at their

anti-bullying efforts than schools that do not. You can help foster this type of positive culture by encouraging and supporting your local schools’ extracurricular activities. You can also help to provide a positive atmosphere by encouraging artistic endeavors, such as music, theater and art classes.

Teach Your Children to Tell Someone

Bullies are often allowed to thrive in schools because of a culture of “do not be a tattle-ale.” Instead, encourage your child to tell whenever someone is displaying bullying behavior. Teach your child that finding a teacher, counselor, aide or principal and teach them that reporting bully is not being a “tattletale.”

Teach Your Children to Recognize Bullying

Children often have difficult days at school due to dealing with other children. Not all children are going to get along at all times. However, it is important for your child to be able to distinguish between personality clashes and someone bullying them.

Get Involved in Your Child’s Afterschool Rituals

All parents are busy with hectic schedules. It’s not always going to be easy to have a discussion with your child about their day every single day. But it is important to make the time to ask your child how their day went on a regular basis in order to determine whether there was any bullying that took place during the day.

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