Tips When Choosing Veterinary Online CE Training

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Education

As a veterinarian or a vet tech you may already be integrating new technology into how you interact with your clients and your staff. Many veterinarians now offer interactive websites that provide booking through a calendar embedded in their website or even the option to communicate with clients as to their pet or animal’s status before, during and after a procedure (via Twitter, text messaging, etc). This type of technology is also available to you in a similar way if you choose to complete veterinary online CE training.

Basically veterinary online CE is either passive, where you are listening to a podcast or webinar recording and then completing a quiz, or it can be interactive, where you are actively participating in a live webinar and then receiving a certificate just as you would in an in-house training, lecture, or veterinary conference

Both types of veterinary online CE trainings are a great way to easily maintain your mandatory CE requirements as set out by your state. If you are choosing an online training there are some important things to keep in mind.

Presenter Qualifications

How do you pick which is the best veterinary online CE to attend? When in doubt, start by checking out the website. Does it clearly outline the topic, objectives of the webinar, and the number of CE hours that you’ll receive for participating? Does the website state if the CE is RACE-approved or does it quality for CE according to your state veterinary licensing board More importantly, who’s providing the training? Make sure that the veterinary professional is a leader in the field – a board-certified veterinary specialist or expert who can provide clinically relevant, practical CE that you want to listen to! Top websites will ensure that only the highest quality presenters are utilized for webinars and podcasts.

RACE Approved

Always check with your state veterinary licensing board to make sure that the CE is RACE approved and that you can count the specific training towards your requirements. Some veterinary online CE training will be classified as passive, which includes listening to a recorded webinar or podcast at your convenience; once done, a quiz must be successfully passed in order to quality for CE. Some states limit the number or percentage of hours of CE that can be obtained by passive training, so check with your state. Instead, aim for interactive or active CE – this means that you participated in a live webinar – in other words, while you watch the webinar from the comforts of your home but still actively tune in (e.g., by being available to ask questions, etc.). With interactive or active CE, there’s no need to take a quiz.

It is also important to understand how you will get credit for completion of the training in the form of a certificate. Most online veterinary online CE programs will provide you with a printable version of the certificate. which is a fast and easy way to keep track of your CE training hours.

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