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by | Oct 9, 2014 | Education

If your sales are slipping, perhaps it is time to have a sales meeting with your staff. It can be difficult to garner sales with a slumping economy. Your sales staff may just need inspiration to entice customers to purchase your products. A professional speaker will be able to motivate your staff and help them make sales that they would otherwise have lost. It is all about perspective and motivation. This type of meeting could possibly bore the pants right off of your staff, or you could consider that laughter is a key element and hire a humorous speaker. Humorous speakers in Chicago offer their services to companies that are trying to improve their business, inspire their employees, and see a positive turnaround.

Use a Clean Comedian for Your Next Conference

In order to properly motivate people it helps if you can tickle their funny bone. You want attendees of your meetings or conferences to leave with the funniest yet motivational joke on the tips of their tongues. They will be standing around the water cooler reminding one another about how entertaining and thought-provoking the meeting was. Better yet they will be using the tools they have been given to improve your business. This is how inspiration works. A truly inspiring motivational speaker knows how to interject humor into their speeches so your employees benefit from the information. It does not have to be raunchy comedy either. Clean comedians are able to get the point across without crossing the line between what it safe to say at work, and what is not allowed. Overall they are able to create a connection between you and your staff or clients to achieve goals you have set.

Hire a Comedic Speaker for Your Next Event

Professional speakers know now to engage an audience, whether they are your employees or clients. They work well in corporate settings that require a certain amount of serious speaking that still necessitates comedy to keep people engaged. No matter what the topic may be, it can be infused with humor to provide the best possible outcome for your business. The concept behind using comedy is to relate to everyone and give them the information they need to succeed personally, and in business. Use the effective qualities of laughter provided by clean humorists and you will have engaged your audience and given them the information you needed to express. Humorous speakers are able to make all of your conferences, meetings, events, and social gatherings successful.

Doug Dvorak CSP is one of the best humorous speakers in Chicago. When you need to engage your audience for a successful event, contact him to learn more about his speaking services.

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