Three Reasons to Always Remember the Victims and Survivors of the Holocaust

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Education

The Holocaust is one of the most significant events and biggest tragedies in modern history. As the decades pass, it’s more important than ever to remember the victims and survivors. Whether you’re studying the Holocaust for yourself, teaching it to your children or developing a classroom curriculum, keep in mind these three reasons why the Holocaust should never be forgotten.

Honor Their Lives and Memories

Holocaust victims and survivors all have their own unique stories, and it’s important to honor their lives and sacrifices so that their memories live on for future generations. If you have family or ancestors who were involved in the Holocaust, remembering them is especially important for your children and grandchildren.

Prevent Another Holocaust

The idea of another Holocaust happening in the future is chilling, but history has repeated itself before. Keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive is essential for ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.

Promote Tolerance and Understanding

The Holocaust is one of the greatest lessons about why people should be tolerant and understanding of each other’s differences. There is no greater way to honor Holocaust victims than by practicing tolerance in your daily life and instilling it as a value in your children.

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