Should I Pursue A Data Science Degree?

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Education

Making the decision to increase your professional skills and experience is important for any professional at any stage of their life. At RSquare Edge, we typically see both recent graduates as well as established career professionals coming into our training in New York to achieve our CDAP rather than complete a full Master level data science degree from a university.

For most of our students, the decision to choose our 12-week intensive training over a full degree program is a combination of several factors. By understanding just what each option entails, you can make the decision which is the right match for professional needs and for your personal situation.

The Considerations with a Degree Program

There are slight differences in the entrance requirements for any data science degree from any university across the country. Many universities offer a fully in-person degree option, an online option and a hybrid option where there are some courses completed online and some on-campus.
For all Master level degrees, you will need to have an undergraduate degree before applying. You may also need other qualifications to apply; again that will vary by educational institutes.

These courses may require a specific number of credit hours or a specific length of education which will usually be ten or more months. There may be specializations in different industries offered through a university-based data science degree that can limit the impact of these degrees on your resume if you change careers and industries.

The RSquare Edge Difference

At RSquare Edge in New York, we have a different perspective on our CDAP program. We provide an intensive 12-week training that focuses in on the theory and practical applications around data analytics and big data.

Rather the focusing in on a specific industry, we provide our students with guest speakers, case studies and experienced faculty members from a broad range of different industries. With this type of exposure to real-world applications and professionals, our students complete the training ready to work in the field of data analytics as it applies to any business or industry, giving the best career and job opportunities now and in the future.

Additional, the RSquare Edge training is much less costly than a data science degree, allowing our students to complete their training and be working months before those attending university or completing online courses will even be able to start looking for jobs.

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