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Three Funtastic Tips for Teaching Kids About Agriculture in Wisconsin

Three Funtastic Tips for Teaching Kids About Agriculture in Wisconsin

The agriculturists of tomorrow are in the classrooms of today. To inspire the next generation of farmers, technicians, and field-to-fork nutritionists, here are a few tips for getting kids excited about agriculture.

One: Teaching agricultural concepts.

Classroom lessons can cover a wide range of agriculture-related topics, including plants, crops, diet and nutrition, farm animals, and trade economics. You can tailor your lessons based on the ages of your children or students. You can incorporate more than just printed materials by utilizing videos, games, and other forms of mixed media.

Two: Take field trips.

One of the most hands-on ways to teach agriculture education in Wisconsin is to take your kids on a field trip. Rather than just seeing pictures in a classroom setting, they’ll get a dynamic, real-world perspective of how farming works. The memories that they make on these field trips can last a lifetime.

Three: Read more books.

Textbooks are just one of the things that can teach about agriculture. You can find all kinds of fiction and nonfictional materials that cover farming topics or incorporate farming themes. Consider hosting a book club, starting a reading program, or conducting read-along with the kids.

These are just a few ways to inspire a passion for agriculture in today’s youth. Agriculture education in Wisconsin can take many forms, and if you play your cards right, you can bring on lifelong excitement for the industry! To learn more, visit the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation at

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