The Benefits of Montessori Kindergarten

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Education

“Which kindergarten should I send my child to?” As a parent, I know how important this decision is, and I am glad that you are taking the time to research your options. Kindergarten is an important transition year for children, who continue to build their social, cognitive, and fine motor skills. As they are at the brink of starting elementary school in Sparta, young children in Kindergarten need to learn and fully establish the foundational skills they need to succeed. Those skills can be acquired fully at the Alpine Montessori School in Sparta, New Jersey. My children thrived at Alpine Montessori because they received the attention and support they needed. The ratio of students to teacher in the classroom at Alpine is much smaller than it would be at your local public schools, making it so that your children will receive unparalleled attention and a level of nurturing that is simply not possible in standard Kindergarten environments.

Other benefits of Montessori Kindergarten as opposed to other forms or models of schooling include the highly interactive and stimulating environment provided to students. Children learn in a hands-on way, able to exercise their natural curiosity instead of stifling it, able to walk around the room or schoolyard and explore their environments safely. I cannot underestimate the importance of the learning environment in Kindergarten, because this is a year in which children are developing cognitive schemas and expressing themselves with the support of the adults around them.

The teachers and facilitators at Alpine Montessori are the best in their field, and I highly recommend their Kindergarten program. If you care deeply about the quality of early childhood education, then Alpine can help allay all your worries and fears because your child will be learning in a pace and manner suitable for him or her, in a child-centered, fun, and educational environment.

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