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Students Earn Masters in Fine Arts Degrees without Troubling Requirements

Students Earn Masters in Fine Arts Degrees without Troubling Requirements

Specialists who want to earn a graduate degree in fine arts have traditionally had to jump through a number of hoops in order to do so. They generally had to have a certain amount of time as residents, which was measured as hours spent matriculating on a specific degree. That made it hard for those who were working outside of college to ever finish their degree.

An increasingly large percentage of those who planned on completing this kind of degree have instead transferred into low residency MFA programs. These don’t require students to work on their degrees for a specific amount of time. Rather, they’re focused on ensuring that everyone gets their assignments in and completes all of the coursework that’s required of them.

Those who might have completed some prior work and now want to transfer into a low residency MFA shouldn’t find it too difficult to do so. This makes them an attractive option for students who might have been turned down from other programs due to a lack of time spent earning a specific type of diploma.

On the other hand, those who want to graduate quickly and feel they have a jump on their thesis might very well find a low residency MFA to their liking too. These programs are extremely flexible, and they can be custom tailored to almost any type of circumstance. That’s making it easier to earn a degree without actually cutting down on the challenge of the coursework itself.

Visit the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for more information on earning a low residency graduate diploma.

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