Simple Strategies For Overcoming Objections in Sales

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Education

Some people call them sales objections, others call them sales rejections, but they both refer to finding the customer making a statement that indicates a maybe at best or a hard “no” at worst.

Sales objections are the biggest source of frustration for sales professionals. Experienced sales reps have mastered the art of overcoming objections in sales, and this is a skill that anyone can learn to use effectively.

Plan for Objections

Qualified leads as well as cold calls can result in objections, and it is impossible to prevent a customer from throwing up a barrier to the sale. By planning in advance for the objection, sales reps can use strategies to turn a “maybe” and a “no” into a yes.

Planning for objections prevents the natural freeze or immediate response that is natural when the sale seems to be slipping away. Jumping in and trying to convince a buyer is ineffective, but listing and asking questions to fully understand the reason for the objection allows you to plan what to say and how to tailor the response to address that reason.

Dig Deep

A key to overcoming objections in sales is to dig deep into the reason for the objection. Find out where the customer is experiencing the pain/stress/need, and then ask how this is impacting their company, business, and their life.

Asking these deep questions allows the customer to see the pain and provides an opening to work with the customer to solve the problem. This takes the sales rep out of selling and into working collaboratively with the customer, building rapport and moving to effectively overcoming objections in sales.

Using a process to overcome sales objections is 5 times more successful than “winging it”. Visit for more information.

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