Promote Your Product or Service, Not Your Business Opportunity

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Education

One reason many people leave the world of multi-level marketing is because they can’t figure out how to grow their downline and make it successful. They get frustrated because people come and go like a revolving door and they can’t figure out how to make them stay long enough to see the growth potential and profits. There are numerous reasons that someone many have a revolving downline, including a poor product or service, a lack of MLM marketing training, or not enough support for the team.

But one reason that could cause a problem, and you don’t even realize it, is that when you try to grow your downline you focus on the business opportunity rather than the product. You get people hyped about the business and not the product or service. This means that their passion is about making money and experiencing fast success and not promoting the product. This leads to quick dissatisfaction, especially when they realize that MLM is a job and requires time and dedication. If the passion is only about the business opportunity, they will quickly move on to something that provides faster money.

Creating a Passion for a Product or Service

There are many MLM companies that have been around for decades, and their products are well known and there’s a lot of competition to be successful. However, there are also many newer companies that offer unique products that aren’t available on store shelves. It’s these products that you can use to help grow a successful MLM business. Areas of health and finances are two of the easiest areas to tap into someone’s passion. Using your MLM marketing training, you can find people who are passionate about good health or helping people save money and show them how your product or service will benefit others. Once you pique their interest, you can work the business opportunity into it, but you’re ultimately working with their passion to share the product or service with others.

Making Training Available to Your Downline

Once you begin to build a downline of passionate people, make sure you provide proper MLM marketing training. Even though you have people passionate about your product or service, if they don’t see some rewards for their efforts then you risk losing them as part of your sales team. One way to help them reap profits is to provide training that shows them how to grow their own business, either full or part time. Soon you will have a strong MLM team that not only promotes a great product but provides income stability for many people.

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