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Practical Career Possibilities After Completing an MFA Sculpture Program

Practical Career Possibilities After Completing an MFA Sculpture Program

When a young adult graduates from college, this person’s parents may not be pleased to hear about future plans that seem impractical. For instance, this young man or woman might have applied to a graduate school program offering a master’s of fine arts (MFA) in sculpture. The parents wonder what sort of job someone can get with that degree. Fortunately, many opportunities await an individual with an MFA Sculpture credential.


Students who pursue this degree typically have a goal of becoming a professional sculptor. Nevertheless, they find other ways to earn a living while continuing to work on the main goal. One of the more common choices is becoming a high school art teacher. A master’s degree qualifies men and women to teach at vocational schools and many community colleges.

Industrial Design

Many individuals pursue an MFA Sculpture degree after completing a bachelor’s program in art or an art-related field. Those who have thought carefully about practical options might have majored in industrial design or completed a minor in the subject. A career in this field provides a comfortable salary for the person continuing to create fine art during free time.

Elite Institutions

The chance to earn money doing an activity one loves is a dream for many. Completing a program at an elite institution boosts chances for success in both fine arts and a more practical career. People in charge of hiring are particularly impressed when they see the names of certain organizations on the resume. Anyone interested in a program like this must visit the website of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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