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Features of Social-Emotional Learning That Empower Students

Features of Social-Emotional Learning That Empower Students

Educational curriculum that incorporates social-emotional learning (SEL) helps students succeed by building up their confidence and ability to proactively manage their energy and attitudes. Tier 1 interventions are extensions within a Tier 1 curriculum, most common in grades K-8. This approach is designed to build foundational skills for all students. Tier 2 interventions are most commonly used in intermediate and secondary grades, with more customized coaching and instruction to meet the student’s unique needs.

Accessible Online Lessons

Tier 1 interventions are mixed with traditional classroom and monthly lessons. The goal is to help all students gain the vocabulary, skills and mindset to find healthy success in school and life. For greatest fidelity, classroom teachers follow simple prompts and brief calming activities provided through the SEL program. This can help students identify and nurture their inner voice. Offline, engaging activities help students reinforce and internalize their learning. Through application in daily life, they create healthier habits, build confidence and strengthen communication skills.


Kids are encouraged to share their thoughts and inner feelings and set goals. Through this process, they learn to identify what they can control. Students learn also mindfulness, which contributes to self-awareness and improves their ability to stay calm and positive, even during turbulent times.

Coping Skills

The school years can be difficult for many children, but with Tier 1 interventions, such as reflection sheets, deep breathing, or a visual schedule, they can find ways to cope with anxiety, frustration or depression. With some guidance, children can discover ways to manage anxious and fearful feelings, eventually replacing them with more positive feelings and fresh attitudes.

Achieving Goals

The goal of the Tier 1 interventions is to create lasting change. Students achieve this through structured activities and support systems. SEL professionals have crafted these lessons to move young people through the various stages of awareness and reflection, while building confidence. For more information on Tier 1 interventions, contact EmpowerU.

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