Job Search Assistance Programs in Abington PA Help a Variety of Clients Find New Opportunities

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Career

In a very competitive work environment, many people decide that Job Search Assistance Programs in Abington PA will be advantageous. These individuals come from different places in their careers, but the main thing they have in common is needing help finding work or progressing on the career path.

A Recent High School Graduate

High school graduates who don’t complete any education or formal training beyond their diploma may have a difficult time finding work that pays very well. They might become frustrated having to work in two part-time jobs or a full-time retail job that pays minimum wage. Job Search Assistance Programs in Abington PA can help these job seekers present themselves in the most favorable light. The career coaches work on building effective resumes that highlight skills and school accomplishments, and play down the lack of work experience. They can also teach these young adults to sharpen their interviewing skills.

The Worker Stuck in a Dead-End Job

Another person who appreciates this type of job search coaching may have been working in the same low-paying position for years and not having success when applying with other employers. A cashier at a supermarket, for instance, might be interested in retail management, but not receive responses to resumes. Job coaches can show this type of worker where to find hidden opportunities and how to craft a superb resume and job application. The individual may need to list instances that involve management-level skills outside of the workplace. That might involve helping to organize a fund raising event for a charitable organization, or raising two children and managing a household while working full-time.

A Person Who Was Laid Off During Downsizing

When a particular occupation is experiencing negative job growth, it may be time for a downsized worker to consider new opportunities. Career coaches help their clients think about possibilities while considering their interests and abilities. They know which occupations are experiencing substantial growth and even have a shortage of workers.

A company such as Career Directions is eager to help people who want to get a better job and feel more satisfied with their occupation.

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