Characteristics of a Good Private School in Bethesda

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Education

Private school in Bethesda has been determined as a base for successful education and career in future life. But it is not necessary that all private schools are equal when it comes to education and other activities, even the most expensive schools may lack some essential characteristics. Some of the important and essential characteristics that a good private school should have are as follows:

* Neat and Safe Location: This condition can’t be negotiated with private school in Bethesda or any other place. Here we are considering the children of all ages who will be coming for classes on regular basis. It is important that they feel safe even when they are on the way to school or way back home. It should be made sure that there is not any kind of hazards anywhere close to the school. A good private school doesn’t only care for mental health but also physical health of a child. Children should always be able to relate good and positive images and feelings with their school.

* Good and Secured Facilities: Creating a room is just not enough if you are looking forward for a private school of good quality. There are some important fundamental facilities that children are in need all the time and facilities that are needed to keep the school children friendly and free of dangers. A private school should compulsorily have a clean toilet room, a clean place for eating, a cabinet of medicine or clinic, flooring that is not slippery, a place to dump trash and a place for sports equipment and other accessories. Any kind of equipment and furniture shouldn’t have sharp edges. All the electric outlets should be covered properly and things that can be harmful for kids must be placed out of reach for them. When you are looking for a Private school in Bethesda for your children make sure you check for all these things first.

* Friendly Environment: A private school must pose a welcoming environment to small children. It should not appear threatening, strict or boring. The rooms should be full of light and good ventilation is also very important. Bright and colorful pictures should be always visible for children in the classroom. Teachers and other staff should make children feel comfortable, they should be friendly with children. Children should feel that they are going to enjoy their school and they should feel that this is a place where they can learn and play as well.

* Attentive and Trained teachers: Taking care of children is not very easy. A good aim into private school education should be associated with desire to invest in training the teachers. If teachers teach wrong and bad things in school, the whole intention of the program will be defeated. Teachers should know the proper method of teaching counting and alphabets, how to sing songs, reading stories, managing the class and encouraging kids with the help of games. They should be very caring, and should never punish the kid physically or mentally.

* Low ratio of student-teacher: Researches and studies on the consequences of private school education on success of life in future all say similar thing about its effectiveness. If the quality of education at private school is low then it cannot accomplish its goal, and the aspect in quality is the ratio of teacher-student. It is ideal for one teacher to handle or manage ten to twenty students. The maximum number of students in a class should be restricted to twenty. Having assistants or teacher aides to help teacher in handling a big class is also a good idea.


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