Common Kinds of Bachelor Degree Programs in Sacramento

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Education

There are several different degrees that people in Sacramento can get when studying at a college of interest. These bachelor degree programs in Sacramento are devoted to a variety of individual fields of study. These are interesting programs that should be used carefully when finding something of interest when getting a great job that can be used for a student’s future needs for learning.

Bachelor of Arts
A BA, or Bachelor of Arts, is the first kind of degree to take a look at. This degree is where a person studies the arts. This is a kind of degree that is devoted heavily to qualitative research and analysis. It even involves learning how to handle literary analysis for all sorts of important topics. This kind of degree could be earned in a variety of fields like:

1. The humanities
2. Fine arts
3. Communication studies
4. Social sciences
5. Music
6. Art

Bachelor of Science
A BS, or Bachelor of Science, is another of the bachelor degree programs in Sacramento to use. This degree is devoted to scientific studies. It focuses on analyzing and performing results and tests. It takes a more quantitative approach to studying instead of a qualitative approach. A BS could be found in a variety of specific functions relating to fields like:

1. Biology
2. Chemistry
3. Life science
4. Health, including both human and animal health

Bachelor of Technology
A BTech, or Bachelor of Technology, is a newer degree program to find. This program is devoted to several functions involving the ways how a person studies. It is devoted to not only learning the art sciences but also with handling specific occupational programs like internships. In many cases a BTech degree can be supplemented by studies in the classroom devoted to individual practices. The features that are used in a program like this can vary but they are often devoted to assisting people in many forms.

Bachelor of Engineering
A Bachelor of Engineering is a degree devoted to the field of engineering. This includes a field in automotive, aerospace or mechanical engineering among several other fields. This is a more technical degree that is devoted to handling manufacturing and construction procedures for the most part but it can work well for practically anyone who is interested in this field.

Bachelor of Mathematics
A Bachelor of Mathematics is a degree given to people who study in the field of math. A BMath degree involves studies in statistics, analytical sciences and even computer sciences to name a few. This kind of degree, like a BS degree, is a more quantitative degree although some qualitative studies may be required among a few projects. Both sides could be covered in a BMath program.


The kinds of degrees that a person could get out of a school in Sacramento are very important to find. Bachelor degree programs in Sacramento is being made to where they are capable of handling a large variety of individual functions and programs. It is great to see what you could be getting out of one of these programs in the event that you are interested in getting a higher education in any spot.

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