2nd Grade Learning Games Outside School

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Education

Once your child reaches second grade, he will spend a lot of time building on the basic skills he learned in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Much of the subject matter at this grade level simply reinforces and builds upon those skills he already knows. This is why it is so important to make sure he isn’t falling behind. The use of 2nd grade learning games can be helpful for those times he isn’t in school.

After School
If your child is begging you to play video games after school is out for the day, most parents will allow it after homework is done. However, if you don’t want your young child zoning out in front of a useless video game, you can offer the use of age-appropriate learning games that are fun to play instead. These games provide your child with the fun of a video game with the added benefit of learning something in the process.

Even if you make your child finish any homework he has on Friday night so he can spend the weekend having fun, you may not want him playing mindless video games all weekend. This is where you can make 2nd grade learning games work to your advantage. Give him the option of spending time on your computer playing these games instead of his video game console or watching television shows. He will feel as though you are giving him a special privilege and you don’t need to feel guilty about it.

School Breaks
Some children find they start to fall behind when they return to school after an extended break, especially the summer. However, you can help reinforce your child’s lessons when he is away from school through the use of online educational games. These games will cover the same topics he is learning in school and help him retain what he has learned over the breaks so he won’t feel as though he is behind when school starts again.

When your child isn’t in school, it doesn’t mean he has to stop the learning process. While you don’t need to bombard your child with learning constantly while he is not at school, 2nd grade learning games can be a useful tool to keep your child on track after school, on weekends or during extended breaks from school. These games will entertain him and help him retain the information better so he doesn’t fall behind his classmates, especially during longer breaks.

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