Big Data Training in New York: Learning About Big Data

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Education

Big data is quickly becoming one of the most interesting topics in the modern world. As tech companies become more and more popular, many of them hire other research firms in order to analyze massive data sets and extract important information from these data sets. As the name suggests, big data simply refers to a set of data that is so large or complex that ordinary processing applications cannot be used on the data set. Some of the most obvious challenges faced by companies analyzing such data include proper processing, data curation, transfer, storage, safety, searching, querying, visualization and protecting the privacy of the information.

Due to these reasons, there aren’t many research firms that offer big data training in New York. However, at RSquare Edge, data means business for us. We offer extensive big data training to aspiring researchers and individuals who are looking to forge unique career paths for themselves.

What We Offer

You can enroll in our institute in order to earn a certificate for Data Science and Analytics after the successful completion of the Certified Data Analytics Practitioner Program. The program itself is a 12-week course that provides intensive training to individuals. At the completion of the course, you will be able to pursue a career in the field of data analytics, business analytics, big data analytics or data science.

We have made sure that the Certified Data Analytics Practitioner Program is one of the best in the industry. Many of the students who have studied the program have gone on to reach unparalleled heights in the industry. Designed by the leaders in the industry, the program was created by some of the top executives working at prestigious organizations such as American Express, Princeton University, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Pfizer and others.

Why Join Us?

The big data training that we offer at RSquare Edge is one of the best programs that you can join. Not only do we continuously update the syllabus in order to keep in line with the industry standards, but we also ensure that our students get maximum value for their money. We believe that our teachers can make a big difference in the industry, which is why we have assembled a team of some of the most reputable teachers in the field.

You can read the testimonials left by previous candidates who have studied at our institute and see what they have to say! As the world of data sets has grown considerably, many new career paths have opened up. Give us a call today in order to reserve your spot or ask for more information about our program!

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