Are You Ready For A New York Data Science Boot Camp?

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Education

At RSquare Edge, we call our intensive 12-week data analytics and big data training program our data science boot camp. Our cohorts are held throughout the year and are completed out of our New York facility.

We train and teach in the Big Apple for several reasons, all which we believe adds value to our training for our students. This value includes having some of the leaders in training and teaching at other colleges and universities on our advisory board, our leadership team as well as on our faculty, as well as having access to some of the cutting edge leaders in the business world relying on big data.

Through this combination of two different groups of highly esteemed professionals, we are able to design our CDAP training to prepare our students to be ready for the workplace on day one. In fact, many of the businesses we work with regularly hire from our classes, and many of our students are employed and have a job waiting for them at the end of their 12-week training.

To see if you would benefit from the RSquare Edge data science boot camp training, ask yourself the following questions and then take a look at the answers.

Do you like to problem solve and be creative?

Many people assume data analytics is just a lot of numbers, but it is so much more as a business discipline. It involves communication, working with others, solving complex and multi-layered problems and even understanding what information is relevant to creating a workable solution.

Are you focused?

With the twelve week format of the RSquare Edge data science boot camp it is an intensive, focused training. However, the focus actually has an advantage because it immerses you fully in the world of data analytics.

With the use of real-world scenarios and actual data that is used to create solutions and make big decisions, you will gain the comfort with the data and the confidence in problem-solving, communicating information to others, and in general business acumen and strategy.

Are you interested in a career and not a job?

One you complete our New York data science boot camp you will have very real career options and opportunities. Employers of all types from startups to established global companies are looking for a data analyst to come on board.

The great news is that with this training you can also advance through the ranks, working up into lead and senior analysists positions and having the career you have always wanted.

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