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Third Party Risk Management Training: The Essentials

Posted by , on May, 2017 in Education | Comments Off on Third Party Risk Management Training: The Essentials

Reducing—if not completely eliminating—the risks of working with third party vendors is a necessary part of your business. If your organization is outsourcing a process, you’ll want to make sure there are safeguards in place that protect your business and vendors. Here’s how a third-party management risk training can improve things for the better: The numbers The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (or OCED) says that about 75 percent of the foreign bribery cases prosecuted in the United States involved payments coursed through third parties. That means there’s a lot of potential for violations and non-compliance. The benefits By allowing your employees to undergo a third party risk management course, they gain better knowledge of what constitutes a risk, how to identify potential ones and how to resolves those issues in a speedy and efficient manner. The training...

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3 Steps to Effective Third Party Management

Posted by , on Mar, 2017 in Education | Comments Off on 3 Steps to Effective Third Party Management

Effective third party management is critical to reducing risk and ensuring compliance. There are 3 key steps to effective management. Many companies have found that a weak third party management program has caused them a great deal of grief that includes: Penalties and fines Other sanctions Reduction in the public’s confidence Managing vendors, reducing risk and ensuring compliance is a very important part of successful regulatory compliance. The bottom line is, your organization will ultimately be held responsible for the actions of parties in your chain that are not compliant. Whether third party groups can impact your organization through regulatory compliance or soil your groups hard earned reputation the affects will be measurable. The right management processes and policies have to be in place. The Steps There is one step that is crucial to the success of the other...

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Tutoring: Online or in Person?

Posted by , on Mar, 2017 in Education | Comments Off on Tutoring: Online or in Person?

When your child is struggling in school one of the best options is to hire a tutor to help them learn. A tutor will help them learn the material and retain it better than they will on their own, but which method should you use? Traditionally tutoring has been done in person, but thanks to the internet it can now be done online. Both in-person and online tutoring has its advantages. Online Online tutoring allows your child to receive their tutoring anywhere there is the internet. This means that if you work late and are not able to drive them to their tutoring lessons, then they can still attend online. This convenience is one of the biggest pluses of having your child’s tutoring done online. This also means that they can get their tutoring done right after school instead...

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The Benefits of Montessori Kindergarten

Posted by , on Feb, 2017 in Education | Comments Off on The Benefits of Montessori Kindergarten

“Which kindergarten should I send my child to?” As a parent, I know how important this decision is, and I am glad that you are taking the time to research your options. Kindergarten is an important transition year for children, who continue to build their social, cognitive, and fine motor skills. As they are at the brink of starting elementary school in Sparta, young children in Kindergarten need to learn and fully establish the foundational skills they need to succeed. Those skills can be acquired fully at the Alpine Montessori School in Sparta, New Jersey. My children thrived at Alpine Montessori because they received the attention and support they needed. The ratio of students to teacher in the classroom at Alpine is much smaller than it would be at your local public schools, making it so that your children...

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The Advantages Of Having Kid’s Birthday Parties In Northern Beaches

Posted by , on Feb, 2017 in Education | Comments Off on The Advantages Of Having Kid’s Birthday Parties In Northern Beaches

Kid’s birthday parties always seem to be difficult to plan but exciting on the day. If you live in Northern Beaches, you may be wondering what you can do or how to do it. The celebration of the birth of your child is an important time in everyone’s life. Make it special by having a special party with the help of BRICKS 4 KIDZ that is just for them. The best part is that you can have it right in your home, making it cost-effective and easy to plan. Economical Prices have skyrocketed for almost everything. If you spent a little too much on their gifts this year, consider hosting their birthday parties at home. Kids will still have a blast, and it could open more opportunities for them to hang out with their school friends. No Travel If...

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