3 Examples of Social-Emotional Learning Activities for High Schoolers

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Education

Social-emotional learning (SEL) builds a teen’s self-awareness and contributes to their emotional well-being, helping them succeed in school and life. While the tasks that come with social-emotional learning may seem like common sense to some high school students, others may struggle. Here are some activities that to begin incorporating SEL lessons into a high schooler’s life.

1. Reading Novels

Teens who read not only improve their comprehension skills, but they also increase their emotional intelligence. In particular, reading fiction helps teens develop empathy and consideration for others whose situations are unlike their own. Plus, reading about characters similar to their own life may help a teen make better decisions in real-world situations.

2. Interest Presentations

Teenagers have varying interests, and sharing those interests with others helps students connect. Often, teenagers feel like their hobbies or interests don’t match the things that interest their friends. However, when teens open up and share their interests, most find that other people share their interests, too. Interest presentations are like a show-and-tell for teenagers.

3. Goal Setting on Paper

When teens are struggling in their day-to-day lives, it can be hard to picture a better future. Writing down attainable short-term goals create motivation in the beginning part of social-emotional learning. Long-term goals can be added as individuals become more confident in their ability to succeed. Learning to set a goal and take the necessary steps to achieve it are essential skills for a healthy, productive life.

How Schools Choose SEL Programs

Every school should engage with students and use activities that fit their school environment. Every school and classroom is unique, and the SEL activities should be adapted for optimal success.

Schools nationwide are getting excited about social-emotional learning activities in high school. For more information about these programs, contact EmpowerU online at https://empoweru.education.

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