Why Choose the ICSE Online Test?

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Education

In India, two of the primary educational options for students and parents go through the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). Both of these boards offer online schooling options, which include curriculum and testing materials for students around the globe. The CBSE, first appearing in the 1920s as the Board of High School and Intermediate Education before changing its title in the 1950s, has been around for about thirty years longer than ICSE. Because of this, the CBSE tends to be better known and more popular than the ICSE, though many people are not entirely sure of the differences between the boards. While the CBSE offers premium content, there are also numerous reasons to pursue education through ICSE, including the reputation of the ICSE online test itself.

To begin with, a student would be more likely to perform well on an ICSE online test than a CBSE online test if they prefer to learn through theory and analysis. The CBSE method involves a more hands-on approach to learning, whereas the ICSE explains the actual reasoning behind the content itself. If a student has any interest in working around the world in the future, an ICSE online test will also be recognized in more countries than the results of a CBSE test would be.

Additionally, a student should choose to prepare for testing through the ICSE education system if they are likely to pursue a career in the field of Literature or Fine Arts. The CBSE tends to promote Math and Science, and while it does offer many subjects to choose from, the ICSE is considered to focus more on a comprehensive approach to the arts. The ICSE educational path also offers a wider range of elective courses that are geared towards more specific interests. So, if a student has a very particular career path in mind, the ICSE may be better equipped to meet those individual needs.

When it comes right down to it, both the CBSE and ICSE offer detailed curriculum, and can contribute to the overall success and knowledge of students. Although the CBSE method of instruction is widely recognized as a strong educational program and does offer certain benefits to its students, the ICSE testing system may be better suited for students that learn through theoretical approaches, an interest in travel, and strengths in the arts.

Take a moment to learn more about the ICSE online test! There are multiple study sources available to students that feel an ICSE online test would best meet their educational needs.

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