What’s all the Hub-Bub About the San Francisco SAT Test?

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Education

If you are coming toward the end of your high school journey, you have probably been hearing a lot about the SAT, or you are getting ready to prepare for taking the test. You have probably noticed that there is a lot of hype surrounding this test, but you may be scratching your head and wondering ‘What’s all the hub-bub about anyway?’ The truth is, this test is talked about so much because it is actually quite important, and if you are planning on going to college, there is a lot riding on it. Let’s have further look at what the San Francisco SAT test is all about; shall we?

What Exactly is the San Francisco SAT Test Used For?

The San Francisco SAT test is designed to provide college admissions officers a glimpse at what a potential student is capable of. The results of this test, combined with a student’s overall academic record is a good and fair indicator of what a student’s academic success in college will be. Thus the reason why there is so much hype surrounding this test if you are planning to attend college.

What does the San Francisco SAT Test Assess?

In short, the San Francisco SAT Test assesses the subject matter knowledge that students have gained during their high school careers. It also determines how well students apply the knowledge that they have acquired, as it analyzes critical thinking skills, which are highly important in college. The test focuses on three specific skill areas; writing, mathematics and critical thinking. Your performance in this area is a good indicator to colleges about how well you will perform on your studies while in college.

What is the San Francisco SAT Test Like?

If you are going to be taking this test, you may be wondering what it is going to be like. To give you an idea, the test consists of three types of questions. These questions include multiple choice questions, student produced responses (which is part of the mathematics section only) and essay questions.

Why Should You Take the San Francisco SAT Test?

You may be wondering if you should even bother taking the test. For students who aren’t planning on attending college, than no, the test isn’t necessary; however, if you are planning on going to college, than yes, you should take it. It not only helps colleges determine your potential academic success, but it can also provide you with scholarship opportunities.

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