What You Need to Know About Prophetic Prayer

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Education

Have you recently been given a prophecy by a prophet of God? If so, do you really understand how to use these words and what they really are? If you have recently received a prophecy, you may not really understand it or know what to do about it. This is where praying about your prophecy will come into play. Remember, a prophecy is something that is given to you, and only you, by a prophet of God. God has given the prophet these words because he wants you to know them, embrace them and understand them. This is what you need to know about prophetic prayer:

What is Prophecy, According to the Bible

There are many definitions of prophecy out there, so it may be best to look at the definition of prophecy that can be found in the Bible. According to the book of Ezekiel, prophecy should be seen as a tool for resurrection, restoration and recovery. You may also find that prophecy is described as some future event that is the will of God. Essentially, when you get a prophecy from a prophet on earth, they are giving you information on God’s plan for you.

What to do After a Prophecy is Received

Once you have received a prophecy, you may wish to start prophetic prayer, in this case, praying about your prophecy. It is not unusual for people to not fully understand a prophecy, this is why it is important to pray. You should go into this prayer with an open mind and a real desire to learn and understand what God has in store for you. You need to additionally have faith, one of the cornerstones of Christian beliefs as well. This is a prophecy that has been given to you by God, so don’t lose the faith that you have in Him when you have come this far.

What if I Haven’t Yet Received a Prophecy?

If you haven’t yet received a prophecy, reach out and get one. You can easily get a free prophecy from a modern, master prophet simply by visiting a website or reaching out to someone you know for a recommendation. You will generally find that this experience is one that is unforgettable once you have received the words of God into your life.

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