What Students Should Expect to Learn from Textile Design Courses

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Education

You’re a new student looking at textile design courses, and you are eager to get started! What should you expect from your first courses? It all depends on what type of design program you are enrolled in. Many schools offer both bachelor and master’s degrees in Textile Design, but the focus is different for each. If you have just entered a Bachelor’s degree program, then it is possible that your first course will be an introductory textile design class with an emphasis on fundamental skills like drawing or sewing techniques.

Learn About the History of Textiles

If you are enrolled in a degree program, then your first course may be an introduction to the history of textiles. This is because the textile design has been around for thousands and even millions of years! It started with weaving techniques that were used by ancient civilizations like Egypt or China as early at 5000 BC and continue to modern-day textiles factories and design processes.

Gain a Basic Understanding of Textile Design

After you learn about the history of textiles, you’ll begin to learn about basic textile design. This will include things like drawing or sewing techniques used in the creation of fabric products.

Understand What It Means to Be a Designer and How to Work With Clients

One of the most important skills you will learn in your first textile design course is how to work with clients. This will include understanding what it means be a designer and the different steps in creating products for them, like sketching or making prototypes of their ideas before you start production on any designs they want made into clothing items. Visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago to learn about the textile design courses they offer students.

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