What are the Benefits of a Gifted Program?

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Gifted Program

Gifted Program

Your child might be identified to be a gifted child in his or her infancy. A gifted child can be identified by certain traits and characteristics. There are some cognitive and emotional traits, language skills and additional traits that can help identify whether your youngster is gifted and creatively ahead of his or her peers. A gifted child would exhibit extreme curiosity, keen observance, good memory, long span of attention and interest to things to his or her liking. The child would have excellent reasoning skills and mature powers of abstraction, concepts and ability to identify relationships in ideas, objects, facts. Thinking skills should be very mature, fluent and flexible with ability to solve problems. The child learns quickly without much repetitive study and has a vivid imagination. The child would be more sensitive and interested in social issues and philosophy. A gifted child is more concerned about discrimination and justice, is more energetic and sensitive than other children. The youngster would exhibit perfectionism in all his or her activities. Such children are usually self motivated and show a well developed wit and sense of humor. They are friendly and relate well with adults, parents and teachers. These youngsters are early readers and read rapidly and extensively. They have a mature vocabulary and ask a lot of questions. If your child is gifted he or she needs special instruction in order to flourish and reach his or her full potential in life.

A gifted program encourages a wonder of learning. Schools with a gifted program, help train young minds with exceptional abilities to be the leaders and outstanding thinkers of the future. When you place your child with a school that can encourage your child to develop all his and her own faculties, you can be confident he or she will be able to discover his or her interests early on. Using science as a tool of exploration, the course would stimulate the bright child’s mind into a new way of thinking. Bilingualism would be encouraged very early in the curriculum in a gifted program. Children today have to be appreciative of other diverse cultures, traditions and customs. Diversity would encourage the acceptance and appreciation for other human societies.

At a gifted program the teachers would be sensitive to the unusual demands and stimulation that a talented and creative infant might need. With fewer students in each class, the teacher can devote more of his or her energies in fostering the children and implementing the ideas of a gifted program. Montgomery County parents can seek a school offering programs catering for talented youngsters in the area.

Gifted Program Montgomery County
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