Volunteer Work Abroad: Lending a Helping Hand

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Education

There are a vast number of benefits to volunteering abroad.  It is a chance to live and work in another nation, it is a chance to learn about the people and culture of another nation, and it is a chance to do work that helps people in need.  There are any number of ways that a volunteer can help, and there is a wide variety of available volunteer work abroad.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

Not surprisingly, there is a good deal of volunteer work abroad that focuses on language skills.  Native English speakers willing to travel and teach in a foreign land can find often find a host of available opportunities.  English has risen in importance as one of the major languages of globalization.  For many, it has become the common language of communication throughout the world.  This means that there is an increasing demand for speakers of English to travel abroad and share their knowledge with others.  Volunteers may have the opportunity to teach English in Africa, India, Peru, or Bolivia, just to name a few.  Not only English teachers can find volunteer work abroad, though.  Primary and secondary school teachers may be able to find work in a host of different nations.

However, teaching is not the only volunteer work abroad.  Conservation work is also one area where volunteers are often needed.  Conservation covers a large variety of skills and tasks.  Animal conservation is one area where volunteer work may be available.  Volunteers may have the opportunity to learn about endangered animals and help implement plans to preserve an endangered species.

Historical preservation is another area where volunteer work abroad may be available.  Monuments, parks, and other important historical areas are often maintained and preserved by a dedicated team of volunteers.  Such work would allow the volunteer to learn about the history of the host nation and to become an important part in making sure that history can be passed on to future generations.

Outreach programs are another important area of volunteer work abroad.  Such outreach programs might include food distribution or medical supply distribution.  They can include work rebuilding damaged homes or other structures or building new homes for families in need.  In addition, there are a number of orphan outreach and other child-care opportunities for those who wish to do volunteer work abroad.

These various types of volunteer work are needed in countries all over the globe.  It is an opportunity for a volunteer to travel to Europe, Asia, or South America.  Often, it is a chance to travel to destinations within foreign countries that a mere tourist would never see.  Doing volunteer work abroad is a unique chance to travel, learn, and lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

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