Understand Workplace Conduct and How It Can Help Your Company

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Education

What exactly is workplace conduct? The term itself is essentially how employees behave at work, how colleagues are treated, and how your organization is represented externally. This also includes how harassment is handled within your company’s code of conduct. It is important that you have a code of conduct set up with easy to understand guidelines where sound judgment can be applied. This allows your entire staff to contribute to a respectful, safe, equitable, ethical and professional workplace.

What Is Anti-Harassment Training?

The cornerstone of your compliance training should be anti-harassment. Harassment itself refers to any form of visual, physical or verbal conduct that would otherwise contribute or create an offensive, hostile or intimidating work environment. When you put workplace harassment training in place you are ensuring that your employees are able to report what they hear or see without the fear of a negative impact. This type of course will also assist employees in recognizing situations that could involve discrimination or harassment while also giving them the tools they need so they know what to do when they encounter such situations. Discrimination indicates unfair or unequal treatment of a group or person based on particular characteristics protected by state and federal law.

Make Sure Your Company Has Excellent Workplace Conduct

As a business owner you cannot control when certain situations arise and the correct course of action isn’t known. When something seems improper or unethical it more than likely is. This is why it is imperative that your company has the workplace conduct training as well as a code of conduct  in place so your employees known how to handle challenging situations. Training provided by the professionals can ensure your company also has all of the tools needed to remain protected concerning applicable regulations, policies, and laws.

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